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Wedding Photographers Ottawa Most brides can do without the fancy limousine, the pricey flowers, and the grand buffet, but they can never skimp on the photographer. Lisa Provencal Photography is one of the top Wedding photographers in Ottawa and you can hire her for your special day. You deserve photos that you can truly treasure. Contact us at 613.266.1182 or leave a message on our website for inquiries.  

Hiring wedding photographers for your Ottawa wedding can be very stressful, especially because there are so many of them to choose from. Which one should you hire? Here are some tips. 
For starters, you have to shortlist ‘wedding’ and ‘engagement’ photographers, specifically. Other types of photographers might not have the experience necessary to spot and capture the most special details of this specific occasion. Meanwhile, an experienced wedding photographer knows when to watch out for the beautiful moments created not just by the bride and groom but also by the family members and friends. 
You also have to look at location. If you are getting married in Ottawa then it’s best to hire a photographer who is based locally. This is not only practical in terms of logistics, but also in terms of styling. A local photographer knows the timing of the sunset or sunrise, which angles best show off the landscape or vicinity, and so on.
When hiring a photographer, always ask for a ‘plan B.’ If something goes wrong and they are unable to make it to your big day, will they send someone else? If their equipment malfunctions, do they have extra camera? A true professional will always have a back-up option.
If you are looking for impressive wedding photographers in Ottawa then contact Lisa Provencal Photography. Have a look at our gallery and see what we can do for you. To book an appointment with Lisa Provencal photography, just fill up our online contact form. 
Wedding Photographers Ottawa
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